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Micah Gaugh born in Colon, Panama is the progenitor of  Puppet and represents most of his adult life that he has lived in the

East Village, New York and the adventures therein through music and visual art.. His current music project is from ‘Highrise’, a

ballet in which the protagonist is an artist who meets two women. One woman is an artist and the other a business woman. The

women meet and both relationships are lost, but he gains an art show in Paris. The music for Puppet was released as “Everything”

on Matthew Herbert’s music label Accidental records.


Gaugh has collaborated with Lady Miss Kier from Dee-lite, John Zorn, G. Calvin Weston, Cecil Taylor, P-Funk Allstars, Bootsy

Collins, Me’shell N’degeocello, Earl Turbinton, Jeff Watts, Neil Caine,Burnt Sugar, Apollo Heights, Yohimbe Brothers, Dj Logic,

Brandon Ross, Melvin Gibbs, J.T. Lewis, Thurston Moore,Jean Paul Bourelly, Bernard Wright, Junior Mac, J’neiro Jarel, Anti-

Pop Consortium,Airborne Audio, Blank Slates, M.F. Doom. Cx Kidtronic, Saul Williams, Billy Bang, David Murray, ‘Butch’

Morris, Alex Blake, La Frae Sci, Diego Cortez, Moreno Velloso, Citizen Cain, Ua, Earth Driver, Laryn Hill, The Roots, Arto

Lindsay band (2003-2008), Marc Ribot, James ‘Blood’ Ulmer, Melvin Gibbs, Vernon Reid and others in the studio and live

performance. He has written two operas ‘Dr. Faustus Lights the Lights’ and a piece for the artist Rirkrit Taravanija featured in ‘il

Postino di Tiempo’, music and actor for the Matthew Barney movie ‘Di Lama Lamina’ and a choral work entitled ‘Noise Mass’

commissioned by the Chiesa Rosa in Milan. James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins) collaborates with Micah Gaugh on remixes for the

Sounds, Ladytron, and The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs.