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This is a review from the  thisiswhywedance  blog summing up our first release :

“Okay, consider this a VERY early heads-up on this one! This is a sampler EP from a brand new label based in Washington, DC… and while I’m led to believe it IS kind of available, they’re still in the process of getting distribution sorted so you might be best contacting ‘em direct.

But it’ll be worth your while if you do – this is quality stuff, rest assured. In total, you get four tracks of deep house in various shades from Yush, plus two more downtempo/leftfield excursions from Big In Malta. Big In Malta’s Of Quiet Birds Circling In Flight – an exercise in ultra-deep D&B – and the jazzy, hip house-inflected Culture Of Divide by Yush stand out for me, but truth be told there’s not a duff cut in sight.

A very impressive debut, let’s hope we hear more soon”