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This is a review from the forward thinking music blog thisiswhywedance :

“D&B vibes now from Big In Malta… coming in three very different mixes.

The Alexis Remix operates in liquid funk-ish territory with its lush jazz piano and classical strings, albeit the beats underneath are a few notches more fierce n’ firing than that description might lead you to expect. The Bass Delay Mix is not dissimilar in many ways, but more stripped-back and with the beats and strings brought to the fore, while Pheelz Dub Rising is a much less frenetic, more bass-heavy pass that you’d probably file under ‘minimal D&B’ but that, to these ears at least, would fit into (deep) dubstep sets as well.

The latter’s the more contemporary-sounding pass for sure, but it’s the vaguely Renegade Snares-ish Alexis Remix that works best for me. Being old, and that.”

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